The Briscoe Western Art Museum would like to thank our Board of Directors and Advisory Directors for their vision and tireless dedication in launching the Museum and bringing the art, history and culture of the American West to the people of San Antonio and South Texas.

Board of Directors

Janey Briscoe Marmion
Honorary Chairman

Jessica Erin Elliott
Chair of the Board

Jose β€œChe” Guerra
Chair Elect

McLean Bowman

Fully Clingman

Robert A. Dullnig

Jack Guenther

Valerie Guenther

Mark Johnson

Nancy Loeffler

Jane Macon

Shirley Mahony

Kenneth J. Maverick

Rob McClane

Elaine Mendoza

John T. Montford

Richard Nunley

Justin Pawl

Mike Sohn

Mark E. Watson, Jr.

Bradford Wyatt

Advisory Directors

Jean Brady

J. P. Bryan

Laura Gill

Janell Kleberg

Debbie Montford

Lionel Sosa

Ricardo Romo, Ph.D.