To contact any of our staff members, please call 210.299.4499

 Administration Michael Duchemin, Ph.D. President & CEO
  Liz Jackson Vice President
  Gracie Burciaga Head of Operations
  Sylvia Hernandez Office Manager
 Finance Larry Fischer Head of Finance
  Heather Gieringer Staff Accountant
 Development Katherine Trumble Head of Development
  Karen Pirinelli Membership & Special Events Manager
  Anne Marie Williams Grant & Data Specialist
 Collections & Programs Jenny Chowning  Head of Collections & Programs
  Kristen Mancillas Education & Programs Manager
  Rebecca Gonzalez Education & Programs Coordinator
  Hannah Haney Collections Manager/Registrar
  Shane Heinemeier Museum Preparator
 Marketing & PR Sharon Garcia Head of Communications & Marketing
 Protective Services Maria Edwards Head of Protective Services
  Shawn Henrickson Protective Services Assistant Supervisor
  Jason Gonzales Safety Officer
  Crystal Reyes Safety Officer
  Sandra Vara Safety Officer
  Donald Sullivan Safety Officer
  Sabastian Sanchez Safety Officer
 Facilities Darrell Miller Head of Facilities
  Kevin Eisenbarger Maintenance Technician
  Arleen Uresti Custodian
 Jack Guenther Pavilion Sylvia Carrier Pavilion Operations Manager
  Cielo Perez Sales & Events Assistant Manager
  Matt Sanchez Sales & Events Associate/AV Technician
  TBD Sales & Events Associate
 Retail & Visitor Services  Kevin Thomas Head of Retail & Visitor Services
  Tiffany Burgess Retail & Visitor Services Assistant Manager
  Lynnsey McReynolds Retail & Visitor Services Associate
  Jane Martin Retail & Visitor Services Associate
  John Torres Retail & Visitor Services Associate
  Marc Calderon Retail & Visitor Services Associate