Nancy Bush

Nancy Bush

Nancy Bush, a native Texan resides in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Nancy’s work has been featured in numerous art publications recently including Art of the West, Southwest Art, Cowboys and Indians, American Art Collector, American Artist, Western Art Collector among others.

Nancy has participated in the Night of Artists show for many years and other invitational shows across the county including the National Cowboy & Heritage Museum’s Small Works, Great Wonders show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, among others.

Her studio work is done by using an indirect approach to painting.  She works in layers of paint, letting each layer dry in between.  This buildup of layers and adding glazes during this phase increases the light and luminosity of the painting so in the end, there is a suggestion of mood and moments of fleeting atmospheric dialogue.  She uses her plein air studies and photos to paint larger pieces in the studio, because more time is available in the studio and the environment is controlled.  In the studio, she has the luxury of contemplation and studying at length the design and how she wants to describe it to engage the viewer.

“I strive for my paintings to have a universal appeal and not just a particular region.  I feel it is about human emotions in time and space represented by light, darkness, warmth, cool, wet, dry, etc.  These elements should evoke a very human response of how one feels upon viewing my work.  If they connect that way, then I feel my work is validated.”