Jan Mapes

Jan Mapes

I don’t know about you, but noise drives me crazy!

We’ve gotten so busy, so in a hurry... so many things vie for our attention, at times it seems we measure our worth by how busy our schedules are!  We rush about our days, our to-do lists never shrink, and we miss the beauty of the moments as they slip by us. That’s where art comes in... it invites us to get still and savor the moment.

I grew up in a military family, so we moved around a lot. Mom and Dad were so different.  Dad loved us through the security of a structured household, but I was drawn to Mom. She was a tomboy like me, curious about the world around her.  She taught me to climb trees and notice things.  We’d drive somewhere in the car and she’d see something (like horses in a pasture) and say, “Look, Jan!”  Dad never understood it, but I did. She taught me to enjoy life, to savor all that it offered.

To this day, I love to be outside, immersed in the wonder of creation.  There are so many things to discover and enjoy!  It’s my sanctuary where my heart can get quiet and I can hear God’s voice.

That’s where my art begins, for it takes stillness to receive. But the greatest blessing comes when my work touches another heart and takes you to that place of wonder too.

Take a moment today and savor life...