Visit the Briscoe

Gallery Rules

The Briscoe Museum requires that everyone teaching, presenting, and/or visiting our
Museum follow these rules:

  • Please do not touch paintings, sculpture, and other works of art—including display cases.
  • Maintain a distance of 18 inches from works of art and display cases.
  • Seating is provided in some galleries. Please do not touch or lean against walls, display cases, or pedestals. Also do not 
  • set anything on pedestals.
  • If your group is using the Museum’s campstools, also keep the stools 18 inches from all objects on display. Be sure those using stools leave all doorways clear for public access.
  • Please use only pencils (not pens) to take notes and, when necessary, use books or other hard surfaces to write on. Do not use pedestals, walls, or furniture.
  • Please do not bring food, water, or other beverages into the galleries.
  • Smoking is not permitted on the Briscoe Museum campus.
  • Visitors may take souvenir photos and video of the exterior and interior of the Museum for their personal use. However, photography and video are not allowed in special exhibitions, which will be accompanied by signage that reads, “No Photography Allowed.” Flash photography, tripods, and monopods are not permitted.