Absentee Service

Thank you for participating in the Night of Artists 20th Anniversary Exhibition and Sale. Your support will directly impact the artists, their families, and the museum’s mission to inspire and educate the public with engaging exhibitions, educational programs, and public events reflective of the region’s rich traditions and shared heritage.

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About Absentee Bidding

  • Briscoe Western Art Museum agrees to act as an agent of the absentee bidder, and as such, it owes duties of trust, loyalty, confidentiality, accounting, and disclosure to the absentee bidder.
  • The Briscoe Western Art Museum is representing the absentee bidder on a limited basis as the absentee bidder’s agent for absentee bids to best promote the absentee bidder’s interests in the sale.
  • The Briscoe reserves the right at its sole discretion to not bid for any of the following reasons: (a) if the order is not clear; (b) if the order does not arrive in sufficient time; (c) if the credit of the purchaser is not established; or (d) any other reason.
  • All remaining unsold artwork will remain for sale at a fixed price and can be purchased in person at the museum, by calling 210.507.4863, or through the museum’s online sales platform. The artwork in the exhibition and sale will remain on display and available for purchase through May 9, 2021, on a first-come, first-served basis through the Night of Artists website.
  • Absentee and phone bids are executed in competition with all other bids, including in-person and internet, and as a result, it is very possible, due to variations in bidding patterns, that a lot may be won by another bidder for the same amount for which an absentee bid is authorized.
  • Due to an anticipated high call volume, phone bids are entered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Absentee bidders must be willing to bid a minimum of 60% of the low estimate. Otherwise, we recommend bidding in person or online.
  • Phone bidders must bid a minimum of 75% of the low estimate. Otherwise, we recommend bidding in person, online, or absentee.
  • The museum will confirm receipt of your bid form prior to the auction. If you submit a form but do not receive confirmation of receipt from us within 48-72 hours, please contact the Night of Artists Collectors Concierge. After the auction, only successful bidders will be notified.

  • This absentee bidding service is provided for a fee of $50 that will be charged upon confirmation of the bidder’s information by phone or email from a Briscoe team member. This service is offered free to registered ticket holders and sponsors.

  • Upon a winning bid by an absentee bidder, the Briscoe Western Art Museum will notify the absentee bidder via phone or email following the close of sale.
  • The absentee bidder acknowledges that any winning bid will become irrevocable upon acceptance by the Briscoe Western Art Museum on behalf of the seller, and the absentee bidder will thereupon comply with all other terms and conditions of this document and all the Rules of Sale.

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For additional questions please contact us at info@briscoemuseum.org or 210.299.4499