Mark Maggiori

Mark Maggiori

Mark Maggiori’s first views of America were framed within the windshield of a car heading from New York to San Francisco. Mark made that month-long trip when he was only fifteen and vacationing far from his home in France, but its impact rippled throughout his life and set into motion his great fascination with the West.

Back in Paris, Maggiori enrolled at the Académie Jullian. After being formally trained in academic drawing, Maggiori formed a successful band that generated many opportunities in Europe, including into other artistic disciplines such as animation, photography and filmmaking.

Maggiori was lured back to the United States by his creative equal and wife. Their journeys through the West immediately took him back to that original road trip. It was then he decided to paint Western art. Staking temporary claims in places such as Chloride and Kingman, Arizona, Maggiori quickly began to produce some of the most audacious Western paintings of a new generation.

His work brought many new opportunities and a significant showing at the 2017 Night of Artists at the Briscoe Western Art Museum where he won the Sam Houston Award. He also began to expand more artistically: working more en plein air and spending time on ranches with cowboys and on horseback to acquaint himself with the Western way of life. His work has been exhibited in several exhibitions and featured in many art publications.

Maggiori has carved a unique place for himself within Western art, a place where his work continues to provoke the minds of young and old Western collectors alike.