Chris Hunt

Chris Hunt was born in Texas and raised next to the Brazos River in a small farming and ranching community by a single father who encouraged Chris to chase his dreams and experience the world around him. With a natural artistic talent and an adventurous streak a mile long, he set out to do just that from a very young age. Like many young artists, when he had a pencil in hand, he was constantly drawing anything that caught his eye, but art wasn’t his only passion. From the time he was six years old he started racing dirt bikes, BMX bikes, playing baseball, fishing, hunting and chasing any other Tom Sawyer like adventures he could dream up on the river or in the woods.

Living in a small Texas town where rodeos and country music are prime entertainment, he eventually planted himself on the back of bucking horses in the rodeo and bought a guitar at a local pawn shop to try his hand at writing songs and singing like another rodeo cowboy he knew Chris Ledoux. Eventually music became his passion, and with playing guitar for hours on end and writing songs about life and love, there wasn’t much time for art, but the passion never left his heart.

After the Iraq Invasion of 2003, Chris felt the calling to serve his country like his father did, so he joined the United States Air Force. He promptly found himself overseas in the heat of multiple conflicts, but amidst all the chaos came something unexpected and inspirational. While on leave he found himself on the streets of Paris France and eventually the halls of the Louvre Museum.  The paintings and sculptures that filled the Louvre were so awe inspiring that the artistic bug bit Chris again. So much so that when he was on leave, instead of coming back to the states, he stayed overseas and visited as many museums, galleries and artist studios as he possibly could with pencil in hand. He spent many hours drawing the Masters that filled the Museums and streets of Paris, Florence and Rome, and overtime became drawn to the sculptures of Michelangelo, Bernini, Antonio Canova, and August Rodin, just to name a few.

After returning from his tours in the Air Force, Chris quickly transposed the inspiration he brought home from Europe into Western Art. Like everything in his life, he threw all of his heart and soul into sculpting, spending years in the tireless study of past and present Masters, spending time in other various sculptors studios and endless hours in his own studio to find his true voice in sculpture.

It didn’t take long before collectors began to pay attention to his work. His realistic portrayals of the West’s past and present figures, combined with a breathtaking flair for capturing and evoking emotion in every work, led to his sculptures to be sought after by individual collectors, corporate installations, TV personalities and even heads of state. He has also won several Best of Show awards, People’s Choice awards and several Best Sculpture awards in shows and museums. He also has been featured in magazine publications such as Cowboys & IndiansWestern Art Collector and a feature publication for NSide Texas. Today, Chris’s work is featured in major collections around the country, Fortune 500 Companies and private and publicly held companies.