Collectors Summit

Briscoe Bison Society Presents Third Annual Collectors Summit

Summit Session 1 – Headin’ In

Friday, March 27, 2020
1:00 – 2:30pm
Location: The Westin Riverwalk, San Antonio


George Hallmark

Tammy Fontaine
Director of The Eddie Basha Collection


Joshua Rose
Editor, Western Art Collector

Summit Session 2 – Headin’ Out

Saturday, March 28, 2020
9:30 -11:00am
Location: Westin on the River Walk


Mark Maggiori

Katherine Hlavin
Collector, Director, Specialist of Western Art  at Hindman Auctions

Beau Alexander
Gallery Director, Maxwell Alexander Gallery


Joshua Rose
Editor, Western Art Collector


George Hallmark 

Born 1949 in Cleburne, Texas; lives in Meridian, Texas

ARTIST GEORGE HALLMARK’S creative career has spanned nearly five decades, progressing from draftsman to commercial artist to renowned oil painter. His subject matter is primarily architectural, focusing on the types of structures most often found in Mexico or along the California coast. Known for his precise architectural realism, he gives each of his compositions of missions, churches, cantinas, and other structural features an infusion of layers of light and elements of the natural world. His brushstrokes deftly capture the quiet moments of everyday life, offering a glimpse into exquisitely calm settings and beautiful surroundings.

Notable Awards and Achievements

2019        Haley Memorial Library, Retrospective and Sale

2019        Eiteljorg Museum, Quest for the West, Harrison Eiteljorg Purchase Award 

2017        National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Prix de West, Frederic Remington Painting Award                    

2012       Briscoe Western Art Museum, Permanent Collection
2011       Phoenix Art Museum, The West Select, Silver Medal, Oil Painting
2011       Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Permanent Collection
2011       Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Sol y Sombra: The Paintings of George Hallmark
2010       Contemporary Artists of the Lone Star State, featured in the book Texas Traditions
2010       Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Quest for the West, Artist of Distinction Award
2010       Autry Museum of the American West, Masters of the American WestWestern Art and Architecture Publishers’ Award
2009       Booth Western Art Museum, commissioned for major work

Salmagundi Club

Gallery Representation
The Legacy Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

Mark Maggiori

Mark Maggiori’s first views of America were framed within the front windshield of a car making its way from New York to San Francisco. That month-long trip, filled with majestic views of the national parks and timeless glimpses of the west, was made when mark was only 15 years old and on vacation far from his home in France, but its impact would ripple throughout his life and set into motion his great fascination with the west.

Years later, back in Paris, he would enroll at the famous Academie Jullian, where western greats Ernest l. Blumenstein, Burt Geer Phillip and Joseph Henry Sharp had also studied before they helped form the Taos society of artists.

After being formally trained in academic drawing, mark’s life would take an important detour through music after he formed a successful band that led to many opportunities in Europe, including into other artistic disciplines such as animation, photography and filmmaking—each one informing his artistic creativity in unique ways.

After great success in the music industry, mark was lured back to the United States thanks to his muse, creative equal and wife, Petecia Lefawn Hawk. They journeyed through the west and their trips immediately took him back to that original road trip two decades earlier, the trip that opened his eyes to the beauty of American west. It was then, at the age of 36, he made the decision to paint western art. they staked temporary claims in out-of-the-way places such as chloride and Kingman, Arizona, where the desert offered its stunning inspiration and where mark quickly began to produce some of the most audacious western paintings of a new generation—audacious because mark was still brand new to the western art world, and also because he was an outsider, a Frenchman, with a profoundly unique view of the American cowboy. in the space of just a few short years mark rose through the ranks to become one of the premier western artists working today.

His work brought many new opportunities, including important solo and group shows, and a significant showing at the 2017 night of artists at the Briscoe western art museum, where he won the Sam Houston award. He also began to expand more artistically: he started to work more in plein air; he spent time on ranches with cowboys and on horseback to acquaint himself more with the western way of life. He spent time in New Mexico, Arizona and Wyoming and began adding additional figures to his works and new kinds of compositions to his growing arsenal.

Like Henry Farny, another Frenchman who made his way to the southwest to paint its interesting inhabitants. Mark has carved a unique place for himself within Western art, a place where his work—part Frank Tenney Johnson, part Herbert “buck” Dunton, with shades of Tom Ryan and Bill Owen—continues to provoke the minds of young and old Western collectors alike.

Selected awards:


Don b. Huntley spirit of the west award at the Autry’s masters of the American west.


Don b. Huntley spirit of the west award at the autry’s masters of the American west.


Night of Artists, Sam Houston awards for best painting, Briscoe western art museum


Night of Artists, William b. Travis awards for patron’s choice, Briscoe western art museum

Selected exhibitions:

Mark Maggiori’s: one with the sky & Thomas Blackshear, Trailside Gallery- Jackson Hole, Wyoming, September 9 – 21 2019

Sunset group exhibit, Maxwell alexander gallery, august 10-24th 2019

Scottsdale art auction, 2019

The Autry’s museum of the American west, masters of the American west, January 2019

Cour-d’alene auction, 2018

The Autry’s museum of the American west, masters of the American west, January 2018

Mark Maggiori’s, lonesome souls, Maxwell alexander gallery, December 2017.

Quest for the west, Eitlejorg museum, Indianapolis.

Night of Artists, Briscoe western art museum, 2017

Logan Maxwell Hagege, Mark Maggiori’s and g. Russell case: the wild bunch, Gerald peters gallery, July 2016

Night of Artists, Briscoe western art museum, 2016

Mark Maggiori’s: alone in the wild, Maxwell alexander gallery, October 2015

Two-artist show with Brett James smith, Maxwell alexander gallery, October 2014

Rob Pitzer

Rob Pitzer established Pitzer’s Fine Arts in 1978 beginning with respected and notable sculptor Kent Ullberg. Representing diverse, original artwork from more than 40 recognized fine art painters and sculptors, we have grown into a noteworthy gallery in Wimberley Texas, the Heart of the Texas Hill Country. Many of our artists participate in noteworthy museum shows, including The Briscoe Western Art museum in San Antonio, Texas and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, OK.

Joshua Rose, Moderator

Joshua Rose is the Editor of Western Art Collector, American Art Collector, American Fine Art, and Native American Art magazines—all publications that address trends and developments in the Western art world. Rose travels extensively to attend, present, and jury key art shows and exhibitions across the country. Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, his work and writing centers on the historic and contemporary art world with an emphasis on the genre of Western art.

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