Echo Ukrainetz

Echo Ukrainetz is a native Montanan and has been interested in art for as long as she can remember. Her favorite classes throughout school involved drawing and design. She has never taken a class in batik and has learned through trial and error. Over the years, she has learned how to manipulate the wax and dye to create the effects she desires, but the process is very unpredictable. Echo Ukrainetz has an intense interest in history that she incorporates into the descriptions of her historical works.

Her award-winning batiks are in collections across the United States and Canada and include a variety of subjects. Her work has been accepted into numerous fine art auctions and shows, including The Russell, C.M. Russell Museum; Night of Artists, Briscoe Western Art Museum; the Annual Yellowstone Art Auction, Yellowstone Art Museum; Timeless Legacy, Women Painters of Glacier, The Hockaday Museum of Art; Past Award Winners Show, Phippen Museum; and The Out West Art Show. She is represented by numerous galleries throughout the West.

Echo Ukrainetz’s work has been featured in Cowboys and IndiansWestern Art and ArchitectureWestern Art Collector, and Southwest Art.