Ezra Tucker

Ezra Tucker’s wildlife art is reminiscent of the descriptive art produced by naturalist, James J. Audubon and other 19th and 20th century European and American animal artist. Ezra’s depiction of wildlife, pulls the viewer into the artwork,…from basic curiosity, to their desire to be informed. He achieves this with dynamic compositions, unexpected color, and lighting. Ezra’s large scale paintings of birds and mammals give dignity and presence to each creature he depicts. His compositions reflect the classical style of presenting wildlife in a natural state to reveal their natural behaviors and postures. His depictions are alive, animated and appear ready to step out of the two dimensional plane and into a three dimensional world. It is obvious from his exceptional drawing skills that his art derives from his acute knowledge from study of each species and not from a photographers point of view. The challenge is always to define the beauty of each animal. There is a romantic appeal that he achieves with his color palette and lighting of his subjects that is familiar but also new to contemporary wildlife art. Ezra’s background as a commercial illustrator gives him the experience and the scientific knowledge of how to present animals in an iconic or bold manner. His use of earth tones and warm light gives Ezra’s subjects an “old masters” appeal that brings warmth to any traditional or contemporary setting wherever his art is displayed. His art is distinctive, bold, and reminiscent of Natural History Museum collections.