Gary Lynn Roberts

Gary Lynn, being a storyteller, welcomes the viewer into his canvas. His love of horses and rodeo and the beautiful landscape in which he resides has encouraged him as a Western artist to develop a style of realism and impressionism. Carrying on the traditions in oils, Roberts is a third-generation artist, his major influence being his father, noted Western artist Joe Rader Roberts.

Roberts started winning awards at the tender age of fourteen with a piece at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Progressively over the years, his talent has won him Best of Show and People’s Choice Awards on several occasions. It was a rare accomplishment to receive the Honorary Chairman Award and Best of Show Award for the same painting at the C.M. Russell Museum. Roberts is also a member of the C.M. Russell Skull Society of Artists. His paintings have graced the covers of several magazines and hang in some of the most prestigious collections. Roberts currently resides in Hamilton, Montana, with his wife Nancy and their two children.