Jason Scull

Jason Scull grew up in a family that farmed and ranched on the fringes of the South Texas brush country. His people were early settlers in Texas who arrived in the mid-1820s and ranched, raised families, fought wars, and carved out a place in the American West.

Scull’s life with cattle and horses coupled with his respect for the culture of the American West have shaped and continue to inspire the direction of his art. He studied animal science at Texas A&M and returned to the family ranch, where he remained involved in the operation until 2010. His study of sculpture began in 1987 through the Cowboy Artists of America Museum workshop program. In addition, his education has come in the form of personal study with established artists, most notably Jack Swanson, Mehl Lawson, and Cynthia Rigden.

An award-winning artist, Scull most recently received the Ray Swanson Memorial Award at the 2017 Cowboy Artists of America Show. He has been a member of the Cowboy Artists of America since 2011. He and his wife Dianne make their home near Kerrville, Texas.