Julia Rogers

Julia began her career as a wildlife painter at the young age of 17. She also paints a wide variety of subjects. She has traveled far and wide to feed her passion for the outdoors and its natural beauty which is reflected in her portfolio of work. “It is important to expand and try new things and push into different areas.” Painting en plain air, figurative work, landscape and portraiture are all part of her discipline. She studied fine art in college but her passion for learning has never ended. She not only teaches workshops from time to time but loves being the student as well.

She has been rewarded for her efforts by being exhibited in numerous prestigious venues including the Hiram Blauvelt Museum, Gilcrease Museum, The Cincinnati Museum Center, The Briscoe Western Art Museum, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum and The James Museum of Western and Wildlife art and now included in many permanent museum collections. Annual exhibitions, in part,  Night of Artist, Briscoe Western Art Museum, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, featured artist 2022, Charleston, SC., Waterfowl Festival, Easton, MD, featured artist 2017 and Western & Wildlife Art Show, Baltimore Life Insurance headquarters, Baltimore, MD  The James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art, St. Petersburg, Fl.