Julia Rogers

Being an artist and painting nature was inevitable. Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay on the eastern shore of Maryland has had a strong influence on Julia since childhood. Since her mother was an artist, and her father was a sportsman and wildlife enthusiast, it’s not surprising that she began drawing landscapes and animals at a very young age. She majored in fine art in college and has never stopped studying since. Over the years she has worked in several mediums and has gradually developed the distinctive style we see today in her oil paintings. She also paints a wide variety of subjects. “ I think it’s important to expand and try new things and push myself into different areas.“ Painting en plain air, figurative work and portraiture are part of her discipline. Her extensive travel is documented in her work.  She has traveled all over Europe, Africa and The Americas. “I’ve had many periods of growth that can be attributed to trips I have taken.” Wildlife has been very inspirational to her work and has become a personal favorite. “Seeing animals in their natural environment and witnessing their natural behavior in person changed the way I painted.” There have been many trips to several countries in Africa; Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. “You can go again and again and never see the same thing. Something amazing happens on every trip.”