Mick Doellinger

Mick Doellinger strives to capture “the essence” of an animal, and hopes viewers will connect with his sculptures in some way.

“For me, it’s less about creating a perfect replica of the animal, and more about sculpting a narrative or moment in time.”   

Doellinger has spent his entire life working with and around animals in some capacity, and believes his time in the field studying the subjects & environments they occupy is critical to his creative process.  This life-long accumulation of “hands-on knowledge” has given him unique insights into the anatomy, movements and behavior of the animals.

“My earlier work was much more literal, but over time I’ve preferred to not ‘overwork’ the clay. With this looser style, collectors will continue to notice something they hadn’t seen before, even if it’s just a partial fingerprint or smudge.  These slight ‘imperfections’ are a reminder of the hands-on sculpting process, kept frozen in the finished bronze.”   

Although he’s been sculpting for most of his life, Mick continues to be inspired by new possibilities and feels his best years are still ahead of him.