Suzanne Baker

The thirty years Suzanne Baker spent living and working with her husband and children on ranches in California and Nevada and as a horse packer and guide in the High Sierra of California have given her a good knowledge of horses and ranch life. These experiences, along with her avid love of photography, drive her to document the many places, people, and situations of ranch life she has experienced.

She grew up among ranchers, adventurers, and artists in the foothills outside Sequoia National Park in California. The community, her very talented mother, and numerous college art courses were a big part of her art education and love of art.

Baker’s work has appeared in El Prado Galleries in Sedona, Arizona, Legacy Gallery, and Sage Creek Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and in publications such as Southwest Art, Art of the West, Rocky Mountain Rider, Range Magazine, Cowboys and Indians, Western Horseman, Western Traditions: Contemporary Artists of the American Westby Michael Duty and Suzanne Deats, and Art of the American Westby Caroline Linscott and Julie Christianen-Dull. She has participated in Night of Artists at the Briscoe Western Art Museum and the first Cowgirl Up! at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum