Yanaguana Indian Arts Market

November 21 & 22, 2020

The Yanaguana Indian Arts Market debuted in October 2014 and is named in honor of the Payaya people who were indigenous to this region. Yanaguana was the word they used to describe the San Antonio River, as it is now known.

Through the Yanaguana Indian Arts Market and Community Day, we aim to highlight the continued vibrancy and artistic traditions of Native American communities.  In addition, we aim to honor the groups with historical roots in the San Antonio area who still live here today.

Each year over 40 of the most respected Native American artists, showcase and sell their handmade works of art including jewelry, carving, bead work, pottery, and more. We offer workshops, musical performances, dancing, artist demonstrations, and food to celebrate Native American culture. Past activities included a community weaving basket, pottery making, bead work jewelry making, and live music. We will continue to offer lectures and workshops as educational opportunities.

The community day offers families a chance to engage with others in San Antonio, as well as Native Americans from across the country. The artists can share about their culture through their works as well as though workshops, music, and food.


  • Museum tours highlighting Native American art
  • Story telling
  • Lectures by Native American artists discussing history and the importance of supporting Native American artists
  • Artist demonstrations
  • Live music by Native American artists
  • Welcome drum circle by United San Antonio Pow Wow Inc. and Eagle Point Drummers
  • Circle hoop dance by Ty Defoe
  • Arts & Crafts

Market and museum admission are free.

 2019 Artist Information

Allen Aragon Jewelry/Pottery/Mixed Media Diné (Navajo)
Nanabah Aragon Weaver Diné (Navajo)
Carolyn Bernard Young Pottery Choctaw
Tim Bluefint Fine Art Flutes Bad River Chippewa/Commanche
Nocona Burgess Painting Comanche
Ira Custer Jewelry Diné (Navajo)
Randy Chitto Sculpture Choctaw
Sam Dimmick Carver Alaskan Eskimo
Peggy Fontenot Photography/Beadwork Patawomeck/Potawatomi/Cherokee
Jimmie Harrison Jewelry Diné (Navajo)
Shane Hendren Jewelry Diné (Navajo)
Kevin Horace-Quannie Carver (Katsina) Hopi/Diné (Navajo)
George Levi Ledger Art Southern Cheyanne
Jay McCray Beadwork Navajo
Glenda McKay Carving/Beadwork/Traditional Dolls Ingalik-Athabascan-Cook Inlet Region, Inc.
Toney Mitchell Jewelry Diné (Navajo)
Tim Nevaquaya Painting Comanche
Earl Patterson Carver (Katsina) Hopi
Sharon Trudeau Beadwork Wikwemikong Band
AdrianWall Sculptor Jemez Pueblo
Jolene Bird

Brent Learned

Georgia Kieyoomia

Nadia Littlewarrior

Stone WorkPainting/Ledger



San Domingo



Citizen Potawatomi